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We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine if selling your business is the best option for you. Call us at 450-669-2945 or fill out our form to request a consultation. 
Yes! Buyers are always looking for quality business, priced correctly. The current market is good, though we do expect a growing number of businesses for sale over the next 5 to 10 years, as more business owners enter retirement and the market becomes more competitive.
Yes! Buyers are still looking for quality businesses, priced correctly. In fact, we are seeing a trend of new buyers who are eager to buy as we all adjust to a new reality. In particular, businesses in the following sectors are in strong demand: ecommerce, manufacturing, transport, food industries, distribution/wholesale, and technology.
All buyers are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving confidential information. We also make use of encrypted virtual data rooms, to ensure confidentiality.  You and your team’s involvement in keeping information confidential is crucial to these efforts.
The best time to sell is when you and your business are both doing well: sales are on the rise and you are in good health. These factors will ensure ample time to get the maximum value for your business.
On average, it takes 8 to 16 months to sell a business although this can vary depending on different factors.
Business brokers are professionals who facilitate the sale of quality business, priced correctly. They will help you position your business competitively on the market, and find you a qualified buyer, all the while allowing you to focus on running your business.  In addition, a business broker will help facilitate the negotiations of your business transfer, and take proactive measures to address issues before they arise. The motivation of a professional business broker is to help you and the buyer find a win-win solution and to cross the same finish line.
Business brokers cannot control the market or sell an overpriced business. In fact, the number one reason why businesses don’t sell is due to overpricing. A professional business broker will have your best interests at heart, which includes completing the transaction of selling your business, within a reasonable time, at the highest possible value.  It is also imperative that you surround yourself with a competent team you trust. This includes a lawyer, accountant, fiscalist, and business broker, each bringing their unique expertise to help you succeed. 
No. We do not recommend telling employees, customers or suppliers as you risk losing them. One of the best ways to preserve the value of your business is to keep things running smoothly.
Seller financing (also known as Balance of Sale or Vendor Take Back) is a common way to show your faith in the business. The amount can vary from transaction to transaction but 10-30% of the selling price is common.
There is usually a transition period during which the seller will stay on to transfer knowledge, relationships & systems to the new owner. The amount of time is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, usually a few weeks to a few months.  The transition period may be extended to keep a seller on in a consultative or employment capacity. Your willingness to stay on for a longer transition period can have a positive effect on the value of the business and the confidence of the buyer.

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